Hemmenway Reinhardt logoSince 1987, we have reliably provided administration of planned giving programs to nonprofit organizations and foundations throughout the United States.

Administration of such programs, including charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts, can be difficult and time-consuming, and the options available for their efficient management are limited and costly. In addition, few individuals or organizations have the knowledge and assistance needed to accurately and efficiently handle the many details involved, whether it be for newly created or long-standing programs.

Our experience shows that we can save an organization time and money, and that our sensitivity to the importance of good donor relations contributes to the success of your development efforts.

Our own highly specialized computer system and programming remains unique in the industry and allows us handle the necessary detail, volume and reporting required for planned giving programs.

For more detailed¬†information about how we can support your organization’s planned giving programs, please contact:

Julia Boerth,  Vice President



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