Record keeping 2

Overall Services


Advice and Consultation
  • Assistance for staff on specific planned gifts
  • Advice with respect to change or new developments in planned giving
  • Consultation with legal counsel and auditors
Comprehensive Administration
  • Maintenance of asset records including original cost, acquisition date, realized gains and losses, and monitoring of investment activity
  • Maintenance of donor and beneficiary records
  • Verification of reports of custodians and investment managers as to accuracy and adherence to goals
  • Coordination with staff, custodians and investment managers
  • Provision of lists of assets reflecting holdings, Cusip Number, market values, accounting values, and accrued income
  • Production of detailed check registers
Gift Annuity Funds
  • Annual valuation to determine legal reserve requirement
  • Production of annuity distribution checks on a periodic basis as specified in contract to be mailed approximately three days prior to due date
  • Processing of gifts by contract
  • Periodic transfer of reserved based upon established policy
  • Annual Insurance Commissioner reports
  • Annual tax information for annuitants mailed by January 31st
Pooled Life Income Funds
  • Quarterly valuations on a full accrual basis to determine principal market value per unit and income distribution per unit
  • Production of income distribution checks quarterly
  • Processing of gifts including valuation, assignment of units, and pro-rated income distributions
  • Calculation and recording of amounts withdrawn
  • Quarterly Statements of Condition
  • Annual tax information for beneficiaries mailed by February 28th
  • Annual federal, state and local fiduciary tax returns
Separately Invested Trusts: Unitrusts, Annuity and Revocable Trusts
  • Review of trust document to insure compliance
  • Processing of gifts including valuation and adjustment to calculated distribution unitrusts
  • Production of distribution checks for either a stated amount or net income
  • Annual Summary and Valuation reports
  • Annual distribution calculation including maintenance of deficiency records for unitrusts
  • Processing and recording of terminations
  • Annual tax information for beneficiaries mailed by February 28th
  • Annual federal, sate and local fiduciary tax returns